House Finance Diminishing Musharika

ORIX Modaraba (formerly Standard Chartered Modaraba) also offers HFDM (House Finance Diminishing Musharakah). The product was launched in the year 2011. ORIXM’s House Financing Product is based on Diminishing Musharakah (DM) (Shirkat ul Milk) structure.

What is HFDM?

HFDM is based on the concept of mortgage. The clients can avail HFDM facility for the acquisition, construction and renovation of property of its choice. Under this product, ownership and possession of the property is with the client. The financing is done by ORIXM and the client jointly in accordance\ with an agreed percentage. The property remains mortgaged in favor of ORIXM and original property documents is held by us till the contract is matured or terminated and settled.

Who can apply?

ORIXM is catering to the corporate sector including HNWIs (High Net worth Individuals). Currently, it is being offered to the employees of approved Multinational Companies and other Corporates. We encourage Service Level Agreements in an Assurance based model with selected Corporates for the provision of this facility to its staff. In this regard, Corporates may contact us for the same.

Program Features

  • • Compliant with the Islamic Sharia principles.

  • • Accessible to employees of approved Multinational Companies and other Corporates.

  • • Financing amount can be up to a maximum PKR 20 million.

  • • Maximum Financing Tenor to be 20 years.

  • • A panel of Surveyors, legal counsel, Takaful & Insurance companies is engaged with ORIXM.

  • • Flexible terms & conditions.

You can apply by: