In line with our sustainability drive, Mr. Raheel Q. Ahmad, CEO visited Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) and handed over a cheque of PKR 2 Million to Dr. S. Adibul Hasan Rizvi, Head SIUT.
Established in 1971 in a small ward of eight beds at Civil Hospital Karachi, SIUT is one of the most reputed medical institutions in the South Asian region, providing specialized medical care to the population at large suffering from kidney, liver, related cancers and ethical transplant procedures “Free of Cost" with dignity and respect.
Talking to Mr. Raheel at the occasion, Dr. Rizvi explained the scale on which SIUT facility is operating. He said that more than 800 patients receive dialysis treatment and one renal transplantation is performed on a daily basis. He added that around 2,000 patients are examined in OPD on a daily basis. He shared that the SIUT has its Laboratory, Operation Theatre, Radiology Unit, In Patients Treatment facility and Paediatric ward.
During the visit, Mr. Raheel was shown different departments of the facility. Mr. Raheel said that there is a need to create awareness of the scale of SIUT operations including the need to encourage organ donation. He also explored possibilities where ORIXM can support SIUT in its great work apart from contribution. He shared that employee volunteering could be one such possibility as it is a practice at ORIXM.



In line with our commitment to help raise awareness and eradicate thalassaemia as well as to support thalassaemia patients, Kashif Iqbal Thalassaemia Care Centre team, a trust involved in raising awareness and providing treatment to thalassaemia patients, was invited at ORIXM office for thalassaemia screening of ORIXM staff and collecting blood donation for thalassaemia patients. During the activity, 29 staff members got themselves screened and 7 staff members volunteered to donate blood for thalassaemia patients.



In line with growing global concern on the health of the planet, ORIXM has initiated a Carbon Reduction Drive. The purpose of this Initiative is to reduce the Carbon Footprint in order to have a healthy impact on our surroundings. The Initiative suggests ways to reduce Carbon emission and plan employee volunteering activities that would help in reducing carbon footprint.

The focus ideas to implement carbon footprint reduction initiative include:

  • • Encouraging reduction in paper usage through the allotted printer codes
  • • Reduce unnecessary use of electricity through installing separate controls for the lights and other electrical outlets
  • • Regulating the air conditioner system through temperature control and switching between alternate AC’s
  • • Placement of recycling bins in the office for organized disposal and recycling of waste material
  • • Replacing regular stationary material with recyclable alternatives wherever possible
  • • Look into the process flow and determine processes that can be performed through emails rather than on paper
  • • Planting greenery at the office premises.
  • • Organizing EV’s where employees could plant trees in parks, gardens, government institutions and clean-up of targeted areas and so on to think beyond the office space
  • • Scheduling a Green hour on a regular basis to highlight our initiative and get people into the habit of thinking “Green”
  • • Carpooling system for employees based on close residential localities.