ORIX Modaraba (formerly Standard Chartered Modaraba) also offers Salam (advance payment against deferred delivery of goods).

What is Salam?

Salam or Bai-Al Salam, is a contract of sale where the Seller undertakes to supply some specific commodity to the Buyer at a future date in exchange for a price fully paid in advance. Hence, the price is paid in cash whereas delivery of the purchased Goods is deferred.
Clients may approach ORIXM for this product to manage its working capital requirements. This may include both core and overheads expenses pertaining to business operations of our esteemed clients.

Who can apply?

ORIXM offers Salam to reputable Corporate/SME clients having satisfactory and proven track record, financial standing and a business line in consonance with Shariah and/or any regulatory directives issued in this respect.

Program Features

  • • Compliant with the Shariah principles.

  • • Accessible to reputable Corporates and SME clients.

  • • A panel of Surveyors, legal counsel, Takaful & Insurance companies is engaged with ORIXM.

  • • Flexible terms & conditions.

You can apply by: